Saturday, August 3, 2013

Chapter 1: Teenage Vampire


Let me introduce myself, Alex Vixen,17, natural red eyes (which I have to wear black contact lenses to school everyday), Blonde hair and on top of that, I'm a Vampire. No, I don’t suck blood like what do you think what Vampires might do. Okay, so maybe I can’t help standing in for blood. But….Hey!! You’re safe around me. My whole family is a Vampire but my grandma told me that I'm the most powerful among my siblings, whatever that means.
"Alex!!! Get down from there!!! School starts in an hour!!!" my mom yelled from under the tree I’m sitting on.
"Okay!!! Be there in a sec!!!" I yelled jumping 40 feet on the ground and swept the dust off my jeans, put on my hood and went inside
"You know you shouldn't jump down like that in public" my mom said handing me her car keys.
“What?" I asked in a confused expression.
"You're driving yourself there." she said putting the keys in my hand. Is she dead serious? Cause this isn’t a funny joke.
"And why are you doing this?" I asked her raising my shoulders.
"Because I don’t trust you walking 5 miles to school under an hour everyday." she said smiling .She's right. I did run to school sometimes.
"Ouu okay." i said putting the keys in my pocket and kissed my mom and dad before i hopped into my mom’s car and drove 5 miles to school in high speed limit. What? I’m not coming late to school...ever...
As soon as I reached school,i parked my car under a tree .Right when I got out from the car, “Well well well if it isn’t Alex Vixen and her new cheap car" I heard an evil, witchy voice behind me. I turned and saw Chantelle. I breathed and scence some fresh blood running through her body. “What are you thinking Alex?! Stop that!!!You had plenty of blood last week!!!" i screamed in my thoughts.
"Nice pair of curtains you're wearing today Chanel.” I mocked and she looked really annoyed.
"It's Chantelle you imbecile " she said stomping her feet on the ground. “And yeah ... I see you noticed my fox hair jacket, its way better than your black old jeans and black hoodies.
"Nose hair eyy? No wonder it suits your looks. See you later witch." I mocked as her face turned bright red after a couple of people laughed. Haha this girl just doesn’t quit since kindergarten .I walked into school and greeted my two best friends Vichtorea and Lauren. Tori and Laura for short .Both of them are also Vampires. Our families are close friends.
"Have you heard?" Tori asked both me and Laura. She looked great in her black and red hood jacket and jeans. She’s pretty, she has piercing green eyes and long black hair tucked into tight curls.

"Heard what?" I asked with a raised brow. "Yeah, heard what?" Laura continued.
"The new hot guy named Vincent Graydon, everyone has been talking about him " she said looking exited.
"Tori, you already have a boyfriend" I said patting her back.
"Not for me, silly. I meant for you." she said as Laura agreed .
"Umm...well I think I made it really clear that I don’t date, remember last year Ryder Foster tried to kiss me and in 1 second he's already in the hospital?" I said as they laughed non-stop.
"Oh yes, we remember" Laura said. She’s pretty too. She has long red hair and hazel brown eyes. She is wearing blue black jeans and a blue hoodie that says 'Deal with it bitch, I'm way cooler than you’. She has really good sense in fashion though.
"Yeah, but maybe Vincent is different" Tori said as the school bell rings, telling us to go to our classes.
"Ill see you guys later" I said as I head to Maths since that’s the first subject i have today. When I was on my way to my class, someone accidentally bumped into me as i fell but that person managed to catch me real fast.
"Sorry, I didn't see you there" he said smirking at me. He was wearing a black leather jacket and black jeans. He’s kinda hot. He has blue piercing eyes and dark brown hair. I don’t scence any blood. I don’t think I've ever seen him before. He must be new.
"That’s okay" I said smiling at him.
"Heyy, I'm Vincent" he said. So this is the popular Vincent Graydon Tori was talking about.

"Alex" I said smiling at him as he took out his hand to shake. As soon as I shook his hand, I felt something weird. I use to get these feelings whenever I get close to any vampires. But he couldn't be a.........could he?

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